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Archive of Mathematical Physics 011601050X

Ordinary Differential Equations ÷ Harilikud diferentsiaalvõrrandid

E Paal, PhD

Hardback, Third Edition, 2016, A4, vii+104pp, in Estonian

Description. Contents, Preface, 2 Sections with 42 subsections, 2 Fig, 7 Refs. Many examples. Part of the author's unique trilogy on the mathematical physics methods.

Contents. Preface. 1. First order equations: Introduction; Solution and integral curve; Taylor formula & Representations of a solution; Cauchy problem, General solution, particular solution, singular solution; Existence and uniqueness of solution; Separation of variables; Homogeneous eq; Linear & Linear fractional eqs; Lagrange method (n=1); Bernoulli eq; Exact eq; Integrating factor; Parametrization methods; Probems. 2. Higher order equations: Introduction. Representation of a solution by the Taylor series; Cauchy problem, general solution, particular solution, singular solution; Existence and uniqueness of solution; Eq order lowering methods; Properties of the linear equation & superposition principles; Wronski derivative & and linear dependence of functions; Fundamental solutions & General solution of a linear homogeneous eq; Reconstruction of a linear eq by its fundamental solutions; General solution of a non-homogeneous linear eq; Liouville eq & formula; Second order homogeneous eq with constant coefficients & Euler's trick; Linear homogeneous equation with constant coefficients; Method of undetermined coefficients; Lagrange method; Problems. References.

Series: Archive of Mathematical Physics 2
ASBN: 011601050X

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