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Kron-Roth representations of circuits  

Archive of Mathematical Physics 011701050X

Linear Algebra ÷ Lineaaralgebra

E Paal, PhD

Hardback, Third Edition, 2017, A4, ix+218pp, in Estonian

Description. Contents, Preface, Introduction, 12 Sections, Appendix, Index, 2 Figs, 40 Refs. Part of the author's unique trilogy on the mathematical physics methods.

Contents. Preface. Introduction. Determinants. Matrix calculus. Rank of a matrix. Linear equations. Complex numbers. Vector Spaces. Rank theorem & Split. Inner product. Eigenvalue problem & Diagonalization & Spectral theorems. Matrix functions & Spectral systems. Linear maps (homomorphisms). Elements of representation theory. Appendix: Split, Horner scheme, Resolvent, Minimal polynomial, Faddeev scheme. References. Index.

Series: Archive of Mathematical Physics 3
ASBN: 011701050X

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