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Kron-Roth representations of circuits  


2016 Volume 2

Moufang symmetry VI. Reductivity and hidden associativity in Malcev algebras. Inner Yamagutian
Moufang symmetry V. Triple closure. Loos brackets
Moufang symmetry IV. Reductivity and hidden associativity. Yamaguti brackets
Moufang symmetry III. Integrability of generalized Lie equations and Yamagutian
Moufang symmetry II. Malcev algebras and triality. Yamagutian
Moufang symmetry I. Associators and Akivis identity. Generalized Lie and Maurer-Cartan equations
The one page TELEGRAPH manual

2015 Volume 1

Three graphical operadic compositions for rooted trees
Note on Kron-Roth representations of circuits
q-Tetratransformations in conducting networks
Tetratransformations in conducting networks
Note on star-triangle equivalence in conducting networks

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