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ASTRALGO SIM mission is the professional research and development, dissemination and publishing of the science knowledge and information. In this framework, the research articles and various conference materials in the international multidisciplinary peer reviewed scholarly & scientific journals ASTRALGO Science and ASTRALGO cWeb are published. The ASTRALGO SIM journals and related series Editorial Board members are internationally recognized science experts as well as experienced conference organizers and editors of several scientific journals & thematic proceedings.
BIG BANG Speed Test: Kron-Roth representations of circuits  

International Editorial & Advisory Board

Editor & Program Director

E Paal
PhD Theor & Math Phys

Editorial Office

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V Abramov, A Borowiec, C Burdik, S Caenepeel, O Chein, R Dahm, W Dudek, A Fialowski, J Fuchs, D Gurevich, N Ibragimov, A Isaev, N Iyudu, N Kamiya, R Kerner, S Krivonos, P Kuusk, OA Laudal, RK Loide, A Makhlouf, J Mickelsson, I Moerdijk, F Mueller-Hoissen, Z Oziewicz, J Patera, JD Phillips, L Sbitneva, V Scherbacov, M Schlichenmaier, I Shestakov, S Silvestrov, A Siqveland, A Slinko, JDH Smith, J Stasheff, A Stolin, E Suhir, V Tolstoy, F Toppan, A Tralle, AA Voronov, G Wene, P Zusmanovich

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